About Us

Rowland Air has, for 20 years, provided expert air conditioning and heating services, repairs and installation. Hundreds of customers from all over Canyon Country have entrusted us with residential and commercial HVAC repair, service, energy efficiency upgrades, and installations. In fact, Rowland Air is a family owned business that offers service that is second to none.

As a leading service provider for cooling and heating systems in both residences and commercial buildings, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. With energy incentives and rebates, we can put together a long term cost saving plan for you.

We know that it is essential to keep customers happy to be in the business for longer years and indeed, we are happy that we have been able to keep our clients satisfied all these years with quality services. Our sole aim is to provide professional, economical and dependable air conditioning and heating systems to customers that can function for years with the highest levels of energy efficiency.

Since 1987, we have continued to do business and our customers completely trust us to provide expert support when required during installation of cooling or heating units.

Lawrence Rowland has been working in the HVAC installation and service industry for 24 years and is a licensed home improvement and HVAC Contractor. He is a professional offering experienced services in the area of HVAC servicing, repairs, installation and maintenance of different refrigeration and air conditioning units. He, at Rowland Air, deals in just top quality HVAC systems and stocks all major brands for his clients that are energy efficient and long lasting. We look forward to helping you with your energy efficiency, air conditioning, or heating needs. Thank you for visiting Rowland Air.