Preventive maintenance is about confirming whether the in-built components of your system are working properly and efficiently – or not. It is not limited to just changing filters. Testing the efficiency of your unit is vital to ensure that the controls are properly set so that the unit is working fine during peak time. Indeed, proper maintenance is required to decrease number of breakdowns, enhance efficiency and improve life span.

Why go for preventive maintenance?

Preventive maintenance has many advantages for your heating and air conditioning units. Some of these include:
There is less possibility that air conditioning and heating unit will breakdown often – If you want that minor issues with your unit is detected well in advance, then it should have preventive maintenance offered by us. Technicians from Rowland Air will offer regular visits so that small issues are solved early.

Preventive Maintenance ensures that optimum energy is saved – with routine maintenance offered by Rowland Air, it will be certain that your system is functioning proficiently using less power. With dirt free air filters, maximum airflow is possible; whereas with clean coils both inside and outside, transfer of heat becomes easier. In fact, it has been proved by studies that a unit loses about 50 percent of efficiency, if it is not maintained frequently.

With preventive maintenance, life span of unit can be increased – if you are regularly maintaining your air conditioning or heating unit, then you can considerably increase its longevity. Surely, proper care and protection will ensure that the equipment operates economically for years.

Rowland Air advises you to have preventive maintenance twice a year, which is minimum. Regular visits during fall are focused on Heating Systems, whereas Spring is suitable for Air Conditioning units.